Whole clementine upside-down buckwheat cake🍊

This easy recipe is an easy way to have a good and light fruity desert!



MAKES 4 CAKES // 180°C // 15 + 15 min

🍊 Ingredients

.  4 clementines
.  1 tsp brown sugar, coconut sugar or any sugar
.  2 eggs
.  2 tsp buckwheat flour
.  1 tsp baking powder
.  1 yogurt
.  1 tbsp melted coconut oil
.  1/2 tsp orange blossom extract

🍊 Directions

Preheat your oven to 180°C
Sprinkle some sugar in the bottom of 4 muffin tins and top each with the pealed clementines
Bake for 15 min : it allows the clementines to pre-cook otherwise it won’t be fully cooked and too sour
Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl
Cover the pre-baked clementines with the mixture
Place in the oven for an other 15min
Let cook in the muffin tin to allows it to harden

Bon appétit !


15 thoughts on “Whole clementine upside-down buckwheat cake🍊

  1. What a timely post! I bought some clementine today and they were a bit old. So now I know what I will do with them. It looks simple and delicious. BTW, cake looks light for buckwheat. Thanks for the post.

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