sweet potato and greens buckwheat crepe

This crepe is perfect for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. It’s also gluten free if you are celiac. I found that buckwheat tastes way better than classic wheat crepes and the combinaison of all those flavors make it super yummy and also very handy to prep and take on the go for school or work 🙂

serves 1

🌿 Ingredients 

.  1 buckwheat crepe
.   1 egg
.  1/2 cooked and mashed sweet potato
.  1/2 avocado
. 1 handful of sprouts
.  1 handful of arugula or spinach
.   1/2 tsp cumin
.  pink salt and black pepper

🌿 Directions

. preheat a pan to medium-high, no oil needed
. place the buckwheat crepe and wait for 1-2 min
. mix the mashed sweet potato and cumin and spread on one half of the crepe
. add the avocado, sprinkle some sprouts and the greens and salt and pepper
. on the other side crack in the egg, wait a minute and fold the crepe
. wait for about 2 min or until the egg white is fully cooked


You can cut it in half and store it in a container for lunch !img_1153img_1156


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